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MaaaD IT Consulting is a FREE small business IT consulting service – and it is online.  I offer information technology advise for small business – and it is FREE.

I am an IT professional with experience in various IT fields which include technical support, Windows desktop administration, Windows server administration, networking, telephony/ VoIP, and virtualization.

I’ve authored the MaaadIT Blog linked at the top menu as an IT online journal for documentation purposes and future reference.  Recently I had the realization that small businesses may not have resources for hiring IT consultants, yet there may be a real need in the market for advise on information technology as it relates to small businesses.  I have created Maaad IT Consulting for the purpose of offering Free online advice to small businesses in matters of information technology.

What is Free Online IT Consulting Service?

An IT consultant works in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. They work to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems in various organizations.

In other words, I will offer you free online IT advise through this site; all you need to do is ask me via the Free Online IT Consultation Form below.

What can I expect from a Free online IT consulting service?

You can expect to get IT advise specific to your small business from an experienced IT professional.  As this is an online free IT consulting service, there is no set time limit for responding to an online consultation.  Having said that, an initial response within a weeks time should not be a problem depending on complexity and current workload.  If I cannot answer your inquiry, I may be able to point you in the right direction.

What does Maaad IT Consulting get out of offering Free IT advise online?

Maaad IT Consulting is conducting market research to determine what small business’s information technology needs are.  What are the problems your small business seeks to overcome and how can information technology help in resolving those problems?  What goals do you have for your small business and how can information technology help you reach those goals?  This IT consulting online service may not be here forever; it is an experimental project to test the waters, so to speak.  Maaad IT consulting online services may not be Free in the future, but it is available now – and Free at the moment.

How do I use Maaad IT consulting Free online services?

Fill out the Free Online IT Consultation Form below; please be as specific as possible in outlining your business and what you need to accomplish.  What is the problem you are looking to fix?  What is the goal you want to reach?  Have you done any of your own research and what have been your findings?  Have you already been advised on taking a certain approach?  What solution are you implementing now and how is it working or not working?  Do you have a budget for this project?  Information you provide on the Free Online Consultation Form will be used to post your inquiry on this site; if you wish to remain anonymous, do not enter real names, locations, or contact information other than a real email address.  The post will be visible on this site as a reference for others who might have a similar question such as yours.  Once your post is online, any follow-up communications regarding your Free Online IT Consultation will be carried out using the Reply feature on the post where you will be able to comment and receive feedback and IT advice.


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